LIVCK provides localization features to ensure that the status page is presented in the preferred language for users. With automatic language detection and customizable language preferences for team members, LIVCK makes it easy to deliver a localized experience.

Supported Locales

LIVCK currently supports the following locales:

  • Deutsch (German)
  • English

Automatic Language Detection

LIVCK employs automatic language detection to determine the language to display for each user visiting the status page. The system analyzes the user's browser settings and identifies the preferred language configured in their browser. Based on this information, LIVCK dynamically presents the status page content in the appropriate language.

This automatic language detection feature saves users the hassle of manually selecting their preferred language, providing a seamless and personalized experience from the moment they access the status page.

Customizable Language Preferences for Team Members

In addition to automatic language detection for users, LIVCK allows team members to set their preferred language in their profile. Each team member can choose the language they are most comfortable with, ensuring that their user interface and system notifications are presented in their preferred language.

By providing customizable language preferences for team members, LIVCK supports a diverse and multilingual team environment, fostering effective collaboration and communication across language barriers.

To set the preferred language in their profile, team members can access their account settings and select their desired language from the available options. This language preference will be applied to their personal interface, including any system notifications or communication within LIVCK.

Enhancing the User Experience with Localization

Localization in LIVCK enhances the user experience by delivering content in the language that users are most familiar with. Whether through automatic language detection or customizable preferences for team members, LIVCK ensures that users can navigate and understand the status page effectively, regardless of their language preferences.

Localized content not only improves comprehension but also contributes to a more inclusive and user-friendly experience. Users feel more connected and engaged when the status page speaks their language, fostering a sense of trust and transparency.

We are committed to continually expanding our language support and providing a seamless localization experience in LIVCK. If you have any specific language requests or feedback regarding localization, please reach out to our support team. We value your input as we strive to meet the diverse language needs of our users.