# These instructions are based on an Ubuntu 20.04 server.

# If you have not yet found a suitable hosting provider to host this status page, we can recommend Hetzner Online GmbH (opens new window)

# Introduction


A server with Ubuntu-20.04 or newer is preinstalled for this.

The default credentials of the software

# Step 1 - Update & Upgrade

The very first thing we do is update the package lists and packages on the server so that we are up to date.

apt update && apt upgrade -y

# Step 2 - Install Dependencies

Now we install the necessary dependencies for the software, including Docker & Docker-Compose

apt -y install unzip wget curl
curl https://get.docker.com | sh
apt -y install docker-compose

# Step 3 - Download files from LIVCK


You can find your license on the LIVCK (opens new window) licenses page, copy the license and paste it in the URL (Replace it with PLACEHOLDER-LICENSE)

Before you can start the download, you have to enter the IP of the server into the IP Whitelist (opens new window) of LIVCK.

cd /opt && wget -4 https://livck.com/dl/self-hosted/PLACEHOLDER-LICENSE -O livck.zip

# Step 3.1 - Unpacking LIVCK files

unzip livck.zip

# Step 3.2 - Move LIVCK files to correct folder

mkdir livck && mv LIVCK-self-hosted-*/* /opt/livck

# Step 3.3 - Delete useless files

rm LIVCK-self-hosted-* -R && rm livck.zip

# Step 4 - Configure Application

Go into the livck folder

cd livck

Execute the following commands to start the installation script.

chmod 700 install.sh