# Step 1 - Update LIVCK Version **(1.1.3)**

cd /var/www

# Step 1.1 - Download files from LIVCK

You can find your license on the LIVCK (opens new window) page under your profile, copy it and paste it in the URL (Replace it with REPLACE)

wget -4 https://livck.com/dl/self-hosted/REPLACE -O livck.zip

# Step 1.2 - Backup current files of livck

tar -cvf livck-backup.tar /var/www/livck

# Step 1.3 - Unpacking & move files

unzip livck.zip
cp -r LIVCK-self-hosted-*/* /var/www/livck

# Step 1.4 - Delete Vendor & Caches

cd livck && rm vendor -r && rm composer.lock

# Step 1.5 - Installing new version of LIVCK

composer install --no-dev --optimize-autoloader --ignore-platform-reqs && chmod -R gu+w storage/ && chmod -R guo+w storage/ && chmod -R gu+w bootstrap/cache/ && chmod -R guo+w bootstrap/cache/
php artisan migrate --force
php artisan db:seed --class=LivckVersionUpgradeSeeder --force
php artisan op:c && php artisan clear

# Step 1.6 - Installing Cache

apt -y install redis-server

Set following Parameters to the .env file